A day in the life of a Jet Ski

Brrrrrum. Brrrummmm. Brrumm Brrumm.

Said the Jet ski.

Honestly I don’t know what that means. But I can tell you that the Jet ski’s absolute favourite thing to do on any occasion was to throw people off it. Like the board game buckaroo or a wild stallion being broken in, it liked to watch people’s faces smash into the surf has it threw them off it’s black leather padding and into the sea.

It liked it so much that it had to think of new and interesting ways to throw a person so it didn’t get so bored. These would be aerial displays and acrobatic phenomena of such class that they would end up on You’ve Been Framed, and such like.

Unfortunately for the Jet ski, it threw of it’s rider so much that it was thought to be faulty thus was removed from active service to rot away at the back of the shed never to be used again.

Doesn’t that just suck?


~ by zombieteapot on May 30, 2010.

One Response to “A day in the life of a Jet Ski”

  1. ‘Tis indeed a sad day when inanimate objects with homicidal tendancies are locked away 😦

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