The lunch box

The lunch box was red with superman on the front. There was a golden latch to seal the box, to keep the contents crisp and fresh, on the front and a plastic handle in order to carry it. In this way it was a completely standard issue packed lunch box in all it’s exterior features.

However there was something dauntingly mysterious the lunch box.

Every time the mother of the child, whose lunch box it was, packed the same lunch every day, something would go missing.

Every day she packed..

A Ham Sandwich, an apple, a munch bunch yogurt and a Mars bar.

At lunch time the ravenous child would reach for his packed lunch and there would be a Mars bar shaped hole. This was so much the case that the child never knew that his mother had actually been packing a Mars bar in his packed lunch every day. Until he watched her pack it that is.

On this occasion the boy was very much looking forward to his Mars bar. But when he reached into his lunch box there was none.

Every day this recurring missing Mars bar would plague the boy. He knew it wasn’t anyone breaking into his packed lunch. Completely bemused, he decided that he would use sellotape to fix it to the box just in case it was falling out as he walked to school. He was surprised to see, in dismay, that there still was no Mars bar.

What actually happened was that a freak phenomena had occurred in the fabric of space creating a fluctuation in reality. Basically something had fucked up causing a black hole in a small boy’s lunch box.

Every time the mum put the Mars bar in the same location in the lunch box, it would slip into the black hole to float in an eternal abyss never to be seen again.

When, or if, we do learn how to access black holes someone will find a area of space solely occupied by floating Mars bars.


~ by zombieteapot on May 29, 2010.

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