The Craving

I knew I had stung by the tattoo needle when I was 15 and I got my first tattoo of a worm through an apple. From that nerve wracking experience I knew that something had infected me under my skin causing me to crave for more and more tattoos.

Unfortunately something stood in the way of my addiction. And the buzz of the tattoo gun in my mind was quelled by the iron fist of my parents. Furious at my underage stain my mother threatened to contact the Bobbies until I told her to do the proverbial one.

Despite this detestation to my wrist tattoo I needed my fix. It only took me seven months until I heard the buzz and felt the sting again. This time I got a blue swallow on my chest. Within my friendship group it became affectionate known as my “Blue Tit”.

Out of experience of my parents dislike of my underage tattooing I concealed my bird for approximately 4 months before it was discovered.

This was the downside. I was in a lot of trouble to say the least, without going into details.

Consequently I haven’t got a tattoo in about a year. But this hasn’t stopped me wanting one, craving it with my whole body. My skin itching to be permanently inked.

Well I’m 18 now. Adult, legal to tattoo.

And I can’t wait.


~ by zombieteapot on May 28, 2010.

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