The Mouse Cowboy

Moses was always an imaginative mouse. He would pretend as a child that he was a alien, fireman, policeman, a vet or an astronaut, sometimes even dressed up like a woman. But this was something he never told anyone because he enjoyed it most, after dressing up like a cowboy that is.

After hitching a ride on a sugar truck bound for Arizona he arrived exactly where he wanted to be.. In cowboy land,  Varmint-weed, Arizona.

He had everything he needed..

He had spurs.

He had stirrups.

He had chaps.

He had a long coat.

And he had a big hat.

Thus he was set. Waltzing into a saloon he ordered a side of cheese, whiskey and a whore. All of which he spilled on a rather nasty tough looking outlaw called McCheddar.

Challenged to a duel which by the code of cowboys he was bound to except he prepared himself.

Standing in the dust swirls, his hand flexing in slow motion over his gun McCheddar looked fearsome. A stereotypical cowboy flute warbled in the background before..

The draw.

Shots fired..

And one very dead Moses.

In all preparations he had not only failed to realise he didn’t know how to use a gun. He also forgot that he didn’t actually have one.


~ by zombieteapot on May 24, 2010.

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