The headache.

It began like a gnat. Small and irritating, morphing loud and annoying. Snap! Squished and booming. A throbbing vein headache radiating pain from your temples to your kneecaps.

Not content to just torture one area, instead it roams around your head causing immense pain in different places.

Like a dull thumping sumo wrestler stamping his flabby feet on your skull. Thudding and pounding over and over. The sensation causing your temples to vibrate with agony. The top of your head feeling like a goose egg as been laid under your scalp by a mallet.

Your forehead swells to twice the normal size and palpitates like an erect male sex organ. Sharp pains like daggers stab within your consciousness, as if mini demons were stabbing your swollen brain with pitchforks and knives.

An angry beast, grumpy and grouchy it surveys your grey tumid brain choosing a weapon to attack it with. It’s hand moves over a scalpel, a mallet, a jagged rock and a screwdriver until it settles on it’s desired implement of torture: A chainsaw.

Buzz, whack, buzz, brain matter spewing everywhere like strawberries in a lidless blender.

Then your head explodes.


~ by zombieteapot on May 19, 2010.

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